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Dave Atherton Plumber & Tiler

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Chicken Dave



Dave is known to his friends and regular customers as Chicken Dave this is due to his passion for his allotment and the variety of animals that he keeps.


If you see Dave out and about you need to shout Chicken Dave and see if you can get some fresh eggs off him.


Dave also enjoys spending time with his family.

The majority of my chickens are hens that have been rescued from Ex Battery farms.

Laying hens are classed as spent after around 18 months of age meaning they no longer lay 1 egg a day meaning the hens are not viable for the farmers to keep.

At 18 months the hens are slaughtered and are used mainly for pet food, chicken nuggets or chicken pies / pasties.

The majority of my flock are ex battery hens and these come from a rescue centre based in Ince, Wigan called Lucky Hens Rescue.


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